by Terry Burgess


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Resilince God Style & The Resilience Trilogy

About this Book:

When Our Blue Star Turned Gold chronicles the life of the Burgess family after their son, U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Bryan A. Burgess, is killed in combat in Afghanistan. Grief wrestles with Honor as the Burgess family tries to make sense of a haunting premonition of Bryan’s death and the struggle to memorialize his sacrifice in a nation that is not entirely grateful.


When Our Blue Star Turned Gold tells how their world changed and how they adapted to a life of grief and turned it into a way to honor a life lost. The reader will discover the horrors of war and how those horrors follow sons and daughters for the rest of their lives.


On their journey, the Burgesses encounter amazing people and learn other stories of heroism. They learn of their son’s heroism through the men that fought by his side. They learn of the weight of war. They learn the weight of loss. They learn how to lighten that load through sharing their son’s story.


The Burgesses also learn of the lack of support for Gold Star parents and by creating their own organization make connections and bonds with other Gold Star parents that are dealing with the loss of a son or daughter.


Through trial and error, they have obtained a network of friends and organizations who have become like family to them. They learned the hard way of what can be said and what should not be said to any person grieving an unexpected loss.


When Our Blue Star Turned Gold educates the reader on the families left behind when their hero pays the ultimate price for freedom.

About the Author

Terry Burgess is a Magna Cum Laude graduate of Tarleton State University. He and his wife, Elisabeth, moved to Fort Worth, Texas in 1999. They both have worked in the financial and banking industry as business analysts.


Terry is the former president of the Chasing Gold Toastmasters Club, an ordained minister, an author of five fiction novels, and the current Vice President of Gold Star Family Relations for The Apache Warrior Foundation. Elisabeth is the current Treasurer of The Apache Warrior Foundation.







Terry Burgess

by Glen Aubrey


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My Awesome Humility And How I Attained It

About this Book:

This is a book about choosing a positive self-image of confidence, assurance, and true humility. This study represents hard work for you if you choose to embrace what you read.


A relevant journey of self-analysis and a choice for self-improvement are not options everyone or perhaps even most people choose to take. In fact, some feel truly threatened by learning their core issues, and may express high trepidation when shown opportunities for positive change. Ultimately, you alone consider advancing your character and changing your behaviors if you agree.


Principles, born in truth and conveyed from a desire to help achieve maximum positive results, can become part and parcel of your core makeup if you desire, and work from a foundation of self-love. Upon that foundation, success in its purest form is or can be built.


The more explicit you are in defining what you want for yourself and why, the more prepared you become to achieve what you truly desire, especially if your heart is in the right place, you possess right motives, your actions corroborate your motives, and you act according to higher law.


This book is offered to help you truly believe and achieve the best about yourself because you are worth it.


About the Author

Glen Aubrey believes in creative communication. Indeed whether as a consultant to business, conference speaker, writer, musician, or commercial producer/arranger, his clear task is to communicate truth authentically, without reservation, with integrity.


Glen has a passion for people and is an advocate of people development, believing that people are an organization's greatest resource. Because healthy relationships matter most, he believes wholeheartedly in accountable and authentic investment in lives, promoting and actively engaging in service to others within the context of understanding that who people are is more important than what they do.


Glen speaks to the heart, and in his own creative ways, challenges his listeners to do all they should do, because of who they are and are becoming. Come prepared to listen intently, participate wholeheartedly, be stretched, think creatively, act passionately, and impact lives with renewed and perhaps new commitment.







Glen Aubrey

by Robert F. Dees


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Resilince God Style & The Resilience Trilogy

About Resilience God Style

Resilient God Style  ̶  looking at resilience from an individual perspective.

About Resilient Leaders


Resilient Warriors, the first book of The Resilience Trilogy, established a solid foundation of resilience principles and practices. Resilient Leaders moves us to the next level. How do we as leaders "set the conditions" for resilient organizations? How do we help the people and organizations we lead to recover from challenging conditions, tragic circumstances, and perplexing dilemmas? How do we enable people, teams, and entire organizations to ride out the storms of life with values intact, regain momentum, and rebound to even greater heights? How do we as leaders bounce back and help others do the same? How do leaders take care of themselves in order to stay the course?


Major General Bob Dees, U.S. Army, Retired is the ideal resilient leader to mentor us on this practical and inspirational journey. Whether as a husband, father, and grandfather...or during an ongoing career of over 40 years in the military, business, higher education, and non-profit outreach to troops and families...General Dees' abundant passion, perspective, and professional insights provide timely coaching in resilient life and leadership.


Our military, as well as every other public and private sector endeavor across the land, need resilient leadership like never before. Resilient Leaders explains how to lead selflessly and successfully over time from a platform of character and competence--the kind of leadership every organization, family and loyal subordinate desperately needs and deserves.


About Resilient Warriors

How High Do You Bounce? -- a relevant and frequently asked question across all marketplaces of professional endeavor, as well as the inner sanctums of our personal lives. Maybe in moments of introspection, uncertainty, or crisis; you have asked yourself "How High Do I Bounce?" Or looking into an uncertain future, perhaps you are asking "How High Will I Bounce?", anticipating the hard concrete reality of overwhelming life situations to come.  Particularly during these days of a crippled economy, persistent terror threats, terrifying natural disasters, and wars and rumors of wars; it is natural to ask such questions.  I know I certainly have.


Perhaps the marketplace where the need for "bounce" is most notable is the military. Our nation's warriors well understand the challenges to bouncing back after repeated deployments, physical or mental wounds, or betrayal on the home front. These warriors go in harm's way on our behalf; they are the "exoderm" of our country, often wounded, cut, bleeding, and dying on our behalf. As role models for warriors in every other marketplace and life endeavor, our nation's military men and women are inspiring and instructive. Military institutions (including supporting civilian contract agencies) are wrestling mightily with tragically high suicide, post traumatic stress, and mental disorder incidence rates; as well as what some would term "an unraveling of military families." All the Military Services are devoting significant resources and leadership focus towards programs and protocols that mitigate these alarming trends. They are making progress, but the challenges are daunting. For all the Services, "bouncing back" (soon to be defined as resilience) has surfaced as a highly relevant and desirable characteristic for those facing the challenges of protracted and globally pervasive conflict. Resilient Warriors will complement these efforts to assist with resilience of military personnel, leaders, and organizations. As well, Resilient Warriors makes these principles of resilience available to "warriors" in every endeavor of life.

About Resilient Nations

Resilient Nations, the last component of The Resilience Trilogy.

The reality is that nations have many different “infra-structures” which are critical to their survival and success as a nation state. Some of these infrastructures may immediately come to mind: banking, politics, national security, energy, commerce, and others. While all of these are very important, a nation’s intangible moral-spiritual infrastructure undergirds all these other elements of national power and existence. This moral-spiritual infrastructure (MSI) includes critical arenas such as the strength of its families, the ethics of its boardrooms, the civility of its discourse, adherence to the rule of law, respect for lives of the unborn and the elderly, regard for the security of future generations, the education of our youth, the relevance of our faith communities, the adherence to national values and accurate historical roots, and the resilience and enterprise of our citizens—including their “will to work.” All of these intangible elements of MSI are essential to a nation’s identity and survival as an entity which is truly a benefit to its citizens and the world community.


The ultimate question: can the United States of America strengthen its MSI in the 21st Century, bouncing back from decades of moral erosion, spiritual skepticism, and alarming trend lines which counter the proposition that we are “the greatest nation on Earth?” Can we weather the current storms which threaten national survival? Can we bounce back to our former greatness, America? Are we still a Resilient Nation?

About the Author

From the Author, Major General Bob Dees...

As I was falling 12 feet out of a British Lorry onto my back in Army Ranger school, I had many thoughts: “This is going to hurt! Will I break anything? Will I be able to bounce back?” Or during many parachute landing falls (PLFs in “Airborne” vernacular). Or when I held my wife’s hand when the Doctor informed us of our infant daughter’s death. Or when my helicopter in Macedonia was plummeting to earth without power.  Or when the South Korean National Assembly was asking for my removal because of overnight instructions to evacuate a South Korean village in the impact radius of a suspected terrorist plot. Or when unable to control events leading to the death of one of my troopers.  Or during rare but painful incidents of disappointment and betrayal over forty years of leadership in the military, business, and ministry.  You no doubt get the point.


Over the past year, I have had the privilege of educating and encouraging people from many different marketplaces regarding “Being a Resilient Warrior.” I have seen business leaders, homemakers, pastors and chaplains, mental health professionals and lay counselors, educators and students, athletes and coaches; and military troops, veterans, and families activate a proactive approach to resilience in their lives.

Robert F. Dees
Major General,

U.S. Army, Retired

Lincoln—The Making Of A Leader, Lincoln, Leadership and Gettysburg,

Lessons of War—Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address, Leadership at Gettysburg

& Lincoln's Advice for America in the 21st Century—His Words Still Speak

About Lincoln—The Making Of A Leader

Lincoln—The Making of a Leader briefly examines a history of the life and surroundings of Abraham Lincoln, incorporating viewpoints from two men who knew Mr. Lincoln intimately: William H. Herndon and Ward H.Lamon. Reading what these two gentlemen wrote regarding Lincoln from their personal and professional perspectives in the years immediately following Lincoln’s assassination, helps us glean closer and hopefully more accurate understandings of Lincoln’s unique contributions to American history—who he was as a person as well as the immense impact he had—and the experiences and life lessons that served to shape him.




About Lincoln, Leadership and Gettysburg

Gettysburg, the place, the battle, and the address have played such important roles in our history we should explore what composes this impressive juxtaposition of incidents and ideas. This book is written for the student of Lincoln, his leadership, and the speech. Lincoln, Leadership and Gettysburg comprises an analysis of the oration and Lincoln's leadership investment model evidenced within it.

What causes words to inspire beyond their utterance in the past, present, and future? What about these remarkable sentences requires profound reflection?


These immortal lines speak volumes to those who desire to learn from Lincoln and live in freedom. Understand why this speech yet breathes long after it was composed and presented and one is better prepared to enjoy and preserve the free country that is the United States of America.


The book was released in Gettysburg on Nov 19, 2009, the 146th Anniversary of the delivery of the Gettysburg Address. 2009 was also the 200th Anniversary of the birth of Lincoln.

About Lessons of War—Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address, Leadership at Gettysburg

Wars are part of the human experience.

We know we must enter them.

We know how to win them.

Let us learn how to end them well.


Many students of war know how conflict should be conducted.  Many desire to learn how war should conclude.  Lessons of War—Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address, Leadership at Gettysburg discovers profound leadership lessons embedded in Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address. The book takes these principles and shows how the battle of Gettysburg demonstrated that cessation of a conflict and eternal principles of reconciliation become standards of achievement when a war or a battle comes to a close.


Lessons of War was released at the Historic Gettysburg Hotel, One Lincoln Square, Gettysburg, PA on November 15, 2011. Book Sales and Signing events occurred at the hotel and in other retail establishments throughout Gettysburg from November 15 , 2011.



About Lincoln's Advice for America in the 21st Century—His Words Still Speak

The issues facing the country dating from Lincoln's first political speech (1838) until his death in the opening of his second term (1865) were momentous to his generation, just as the issues facing the country in the early 21st Century are immense to its generation.


The people of Lincoln's day needed leadership. The people of the United States today also need leadership—not just any kind of leadership—but leadership that is anchored solidly on the fundamental principles and practices of the Constitution of the United States and the Declaration of Independence.


If Lincoln could give us advice on the matters that mean the most to us, what would he say?  Of course, we don't know.  But we do know what he said on matters of grave importance of his day—about the wrong of slavery, the importance of upholding the law, and the strength of the country based on its founders and founding documents—and from these statements, utilizing his own words, we can learn much about how he would face the issues of this generation.


Lincoln's Advice for America in the 21st Century—His Words Still Speak takes Lincoln's words and uses them within present day application.  Be prepared to learn and grow from the words of the greatest president the United States has ever had.


About the Author

Glen Aubrey believes in creative communication. Indeed whether as a consultant to business, conference speaker, writer, musician, or commercial producer/arranger, his clear task is to communicate truth authentically, without reservation, with integrity.


Glen has a passion for people and is an advocate of people development, believing that people are an organization's greatest resource. Because healthy relationships matter most, he believes wholeheartedly in accountable and authentic investment in lives, promoting and actively engaging in service to others within the context of understanding that who people are is more important than what they do.


Glen speaks to the heart, and in his own creative ways, challenges his listeners to do all they should do, because of who they are and are becoming. Come prepared to listen intently, participate wholeheartedly, be stretched, think creatively, act passionately, and impact lives with renewed and perhaps new commitment.

Glen Aubrey

by Glen Aubrey


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Common Sense Transition—A Call to Action and a Blueprint for Change

by James R. Davis


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About this Book:

Decoy 24 is a collection of short stories. These stories examine the multiple aspects of criminality in society. The reader will explore the criminal values revealed by those who hate society, those willing to risk it all for pitiful gains while many times sacrificing their own lives.


These vignettes paint a picture of street violence and look at the underbelly of the narco-pariah that is multiplying every day.

Decoy 24 also was the call sign used by the author during his many undercover operations. His name was not spoken to guarantee some measure of anonymity. In the book, Decoy 24 is referenced frequently, both when he is broadcasting over a frequency of the radio and when he might need to reveal who he was when working with law enforcement agencies that did not know him. His comrades in law enforcement and the general public are both informed of the insidious problem of criminal behavior in our society.

Whether it’s a street, prison, or outlaw motorcycle gang, organized crime syndicate, or a lone wolf, Decoy 24 has had first-hand experience in infiltrating a number of criminal organizations which provided him and the reader with knowledge that only a few people could obtain.


This book acknowledges the sacrifices made by many men and women unknown and working now as undercover operators. City, county, state, and federal agencies all play their part in confronting the menace of such horrific social violence.

At this writing, the author wishes to acknowledge all those officers that are on the rolls of LEOKA. The acronym stands for “Law Enforcement Officers Killed and Assaulted.”


Albert Einstein said: “Only a life lived in the service to others is a life well lived.”

Certainly our LEOKA community has lived that life.






About the Author

A little boy grows up in a Midwestern farm town. He spends many of his childhood days pushing a red wagon up a small hill, then jumping in it and steering it furiously down that hill. All the time he dreams of being a police officer. Remember, “Don’t quit your day dream.” By high school, he’s transplanted to the West Coast. His senior year of high school he attends a Career Day. He decides once again to become a police officer. He studies police science at college and hopes to continue his education toward his bachelor’s degree … but Vietnam comes calling! He is dramatically affected by President Kennedy’s statement in a speech to the nation: “Ask not what your country can do for you—ask what you can do for your country.” He enlists, volunteers for Vietnam, does a tour in Vietnam, and eventually he’s back in the USA and back in college.


He’ll finish a bachelor’s degree, a master’s, and work on a doctorate. He’ll work at the county and state levels in the law enforcement profession. From working cases he’ll eventually move into advanced field training. He’ll be acknowledged in the journal Young Men in America. He’ll lecture at three different universities. Over a period of time he will receive numerous commendations, including the Medal of Merit for Heroism.

He continues to speak publically throughout the country. He has been married for forty seven years and is the father of two daughters and a son. He is active in his community and does volunteer work for his church and for disabled veterans.








James R. Davis

Common Sense Transition—A Call to Action and a Blueprint for Change

by Larry Wolf


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by Larry Wolf


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Policing Peace—What America Can Do Now To Avoid Future Tragedies and

A Black and White Decision—Why George Zimmerman Was Found Innocent Why America Must Honor The Memory of Trayvon Martin

Larry Wolf

About Policing Peace

Policing Peace--What America Can Do Now to Avoid Future Tragedies is addressed to peace officers and community members alike. The goal is to help peace officers become agents of both security and peace, and to help community members find their voices within our criminal justice system.


Seven easy-to-read chapters include Seven Steps to Better Policing, Answering the Cries for Justice, and That Long Overdue Discussion about Race. These chapters address controversial issues in criminal justice while providing insight, knowledge, and possible solutions


.Our goal is to inspire individuals who work within the criminal justice system along with community members, to seek justice and fairness with each decision they make. Often the surest path to justice will come in small incremental steps: one case, one person, one decision at a time.

About A Black and White Decision

The killing of Trayvon Martin has become a national tragedy. In addition to the unnecessary and tragic death of a young black teenager, nearly half of our country and most African Americans believe a grave injustice has occurred.


While most in the minority community are resolute in their dislike of the verdict, a majority in the legal community and most white Americans believe George Zimmerman was innocent. All Americans should be concerned that so many people of color believe this case represents injustice and is another example of how little we value the lives of African American men and boys.


America is a better place when her citizens recognize when people hurt and have suffered injustice. Trayvon Martin will remain a symbol and the question in history is this: "What lessons will be learned and what will his death inspire?" If we take a few small steps in the right direction, we can, as a nation, move closer to living up to the proposition framed by John E. E. Dalberg in 1877: "The most certain test by which we judge whether a country is free is the amount of security enjoyed by minorities."

About the Author

Larry Wolf is the Criminal Justice Department Chair at the University of Antelope Valley in California. He leads a faculty of criminal justice instructors who have more than 130 years of experience as sworn peace officers. He is also the founder of “Policing Peace,” a comprehensive program of training and special events designed to inspire peace officers and community members to celebrate common American experiences that unite us in order to overcome many of the issues that divide us.


About this Book:

This book is aimed at two primary audiences. The first: the soldier who is transitioning from military service to civilian life. Every veteran experiences transition, whether it is beneficial or detrimental, whether it starts tomorrow or may have been ongoing for years. Veterans need this book to transition better.


The second audience is comprised of the communities that will become home for these warriors. You are likely a member of one of these communities, and with membership comes responsibility. Learning what you can do and doing it can make all the difference in a soldier’s civilian life.


Veteran transition is broken. Post 9/11 veteran unemployment rates are 20% higher than non-veterans. Homeless veterans haunt our street corners, and a 2016 VA study declares that twenty veterans commit suicide every day, and 65% of them are over the age of 50.


What we are doing now doesn’t work. Veterans return home from active duty to a community that doesn’t remember them, where they no longer fit in, where their friends and networks just aren’t the same. Veterans have difficulty staying in school, rarely land jobs at the same levels of responsibility and authority they experienced in the military, and face lengthy delays in receiving care from the VA for physical and emotional injuries. Many turn to alcohol to self-medicate in an attempt to cope.


To them it seems as if they are the only one failing at their transition, and that makes the failure more acute. They are unaware of the other veterans who have gone through the same struggles—but locally veterans just like them live and work, those who have succeeded despite the system, and they hold the keys to success.


US Army veteran Karl Monger uses his personal story to reveal this common struggle of transition, and he urges veterans who have successfully transitioned to connect with others and guide veterans just now going through transition.


Through a special relationship with an uncle who fought in World War I, to his service in as a captain in the famed 1st Ranger Battalion, plus over twenty years of helping veterans, author Karl Monger gives emotional and hard-hitting examples to illustrate the issues, and he shows how simple, local, preventive, and proactive steps can set a veteran on the right path toward life-long purpose and hope.


We can do transition better. And we will.

About the Author

Karl Monger is the founder and Executive Director of GallantFew, Inc., a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization formed in 2010 and dedicated to helping veterans transition to civilian lives full of purpose and hope.  His vision of building a nationwide network of veterans successfully transitioned who guide veterans transitioning has helped over a thousand veterans.  He has developed or helped develop numerous innovative veteran programs to include The Darby Project (Army Rangers), The Raider Project (Marine Corps Special Operations and infantry veterans), Run Ranger Run (a global collaborative team fitness event and fund-raiser), and was executive producer of the award-winning 2015 veteran short film “Prisoner of War”.   He authored “Common Sense Transition”, a nonfiction work publishing in July 2017.


He produces and hosts the audio and video podcast “The New American Veteran” and publishes the online newspapers The GallantFew Daily and Sua Sponte Weekly. He is a certified Burris Institute Master Coach providing Functional Emotional Fitness™ coaching to veterans.


Karl is also owner and CEO of Transitur, LLC, a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business specializing in personal growth coaching, veteran care and support issues, and advising corporations and agencies on veteran-related activities and practices.  As a Kansas Small Business Development Center consultant, he assisted veterans establish or expand their small businesses and was named  the 2012 U.S. Small Business Administration Region VII Veteran Small Business Advocate of the Year.


Karl began his military career as an Army ROTC scholarship cadet at Wichita State University where he graduated with a degree in Administration of justice and was named Distinguished Military Graduate.  He served as an infantry platoon leader, rifle company commander, and Ranger battalion staff officer, and parachuted with the 1st Ranger Battalion into Kuwait during a show of force operation in 1992.  He holds the rank of Major, retired Reserves.


He is a graduate of Ranger, Jumpmaster, Airborne and Air Assault Schools, the Command and General Staff Officers Course, Combined Arms and Services Staff School, Infantry Officer Basic and Advanced Courses, the Armor Officer Basic Course, and the US Air Force Air Ground Operations School.  His awards and decorations include two Meritorious Service Medals, the Army Commendation Medal, two Army Achievement Medals, Southwest Asia Service Medal with bronze campaign star, Korea Service Medal, the Expert Infantryman Badge, Ranger Tab, Senior Parachutist and Air Assault Wings.


Since departing active duty he has held general manager and sales manager leadership positions in several corporations and served as Executive Director of a Big Brothers Big Sisters agency.  He spends his spare time keeping fit through rock climbing and biking and is active in Metroport Rotary Club and the Metroport Veterans Association.  Karl is a past member of the US Army Ranger Association Board of Directors, past Chairman of the Board of Deacons, Eastminster Presbyterian Church in Wichita Kansas, and has mentored troubled youth and prison inmates.  He is married to the former Sara Callender and lives in Texas.  He has two grown daughters and two grandsons.






by Karl Monger

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Softcover: $19.95

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Karl Monger

by Capt. Jim Kinney

Softcover: $18.95

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Is God A Conservative?—And Does It Even Matter?

About this Book:

Is God a Conservative? makes the compelling case that God involves Himself in the affairs of men and His greatest blessings are reserved for those who are trying to do things His way.  Our founders embedded this worldview in our founding documents and America has been truly blessed.


Forty-five of the fifty United States confirm this belief in the preambles to their constitutions by stating in one way or another…”In order to secure the blessing of almighty God for ourselves and future generations…”


We have


Is God a Conservative? suggests that a return to our founding principles that will begin a restoration in our country and lead to the renewed hand of blessing from the God of Heaven.  Using seven organizing principles of society, the book shows our alarming drift from the basic truths that guided our founding and answers the question, “…and does it even matter?” The answer is a  resounding, “Yes!”


#1 New Release in Christian Social Issues

 Amazon Best Seller in Christian Social Issues



About the Author

Capt. Jim Kinney spent 26 years in the Navy, initially flying as Mission Commander in reconnaissance aircraft launching from aircraft carriers. He ultimately had three commands and served a tour on the Joint Chiefs of Staff. While serving as the Director of Navy Recruiting and Retention Policy and in zone for Admiral, he retired to take a position as Vice President of a non-profit organization in Atlanta. Serving 10 years, he turned a struggling operation around by automating their support systems and quadrupling their annual business.


After serving nearly 4 years on staff at one of the largest churches in America, he left to help Gov. Mike Huckabee’s presidential campaign. When his service to the campaign was completed, he launched the Inspire & Ignite consulting company.



Capt. Jim Kinney

What If God is Like This?, The Human Side of Christ, and Naked

Will Hathaway

by Will Hathaway


Each Book Priced: $10.00-12.00

+ applicable tax, shipping& handling

About What If God is Like This?

What If God is Like This? With all the pain and suffering in the world, do you ever wonder how a loving God could condone any of it? Looking at pervasive injustice and recurring evil, is it troubling to reconcile a belief that a good God would tolerate so much that is bad? What If God is Like This? addresses these difficult questions by providing a unique look at Christianity and God's interaction with humanity. This book is written for people who yearn to stretch the boundaries of traditional thought, belief and practice.

About The Human Side of Christ

For centuries one of the greatest debates in human history has centered on the divinity of Jesus Christ. Was He or was He not God in the flesh? The very core foundation of Christianity itself rests on the idea that in order to be saved one must believe Jesus was God. As a result, most believers view Him as God and of those who do not believe view Him with great skepticism. Lost in all of this is the fact that there really was a man who walked this earth with real feet, real hands, real emotions, real concerns, real fears, and real love. When we peer past the mystery of His divine cloak, who is the man we find? Lost in the monumental shadow of His historical grandeur is a living, breathing human being who lived humbly on this earth. Learn to connect with God in a new and dramatic way. Discover a profound and enriching perspective that comes from exploring The Human Side of Christ—Meet the Guy Behind the God.


About Naked

The life of Liam Haines, a rookie beat cop, is changed forever when he meets an elderly sage, Carl Bennett. Sharing years of wisdom, Carol opens Liam's eyes to completely new understandings of Christ and Christianity. Using wisdom, perspective, and humor, Naked, is a journey of self-discovery destined to transform the reader's understanding of God, life and love.







Amazon 2016: Hot New Releases in Christian Historic Theology

About the Author

Will Hathaway is an ordained bi-vocational minister who possesses a unique blend of a career in law enforcement while serving as a pastor. He asks the tough questions about scriptural beliefs and boldly shares what he discovers.

by Bud Hendrickson


Hardcover: $24.95
Softcover: $19.95

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Enjoy Your Journey—Ten Bedrock Truths to Improve Everything About You

About this Book:

If you have ever wondered about a bigger purpose and the abiding rules that help you live your life to the fullest, this is the book you want to read. Warm and practical, Enjoy Your Journey is a story-rich guidebook to help you make great decisions, no matter what you’ve experienced or are going through now. Every new day brings opportunities for making better choices that have lasting impact on who you are and all you do.


Do you want to improve your attitudes and circumstances and grow into a more fulfilled person?


Read Enjoy Your Journey and start to engage wholeheartedly in a deeply honest, sincere, and uplifting venture that may touch every area of your life. The journey is yours–embrace it. Most of all, enjoy it. It’s God’s gift to you.








Amazon 2016: Hot New Releases in Christian Business and Professional Growth


About the Author

Bud Hendrickson is passionate about enjoying life’s journey. He is the youngest of seven children with six older sisters. He was raised in a one bathroom house next to the family business where he developed his strong work ethic at an early age. Raised in a small town, Bud played three sports while in high school while also working to earn money to put gas in his car.


After being baptized just before getting married, both Bud and his wife enjoyed a spiritual growth journey together that laid a foundation upon which to build his bedrock truths.


A family man with a career in Engineering and Maintenance Leadership, Bud has worked in numerous industries. He graduated from South Dakota School of Mines and Technology with a degree in Mechanical Engineering in May of 1988.


Bud is the proud father of two sons. He is a sports enthusiast, really enjoys high school football and the Denver Broncos. His life’s events are varied like everyone’s, filled with the good and the bad. One of the toughest moments was enduring the loss of his high school sweetheart and wife of 28 years, Nancy, in 2015 to cancer.


Most people realize that pain and pleasure are integral and often integrated parts of living. Bud chooses daily to enjoy his journey no matter what, and teaches others to do the same. His ten bedrock truths may revolutionize your understanding of how you live and help you improve in ways you may have never dreamed possible.


Bud Hendrickson

Seth Our Journey through Addiction, Heartbreak, and Hope

by Karin Murphy


Softcover Price: $19.95


Hardcover Price:


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About Seth Ourth Journey through Addiction, Heartbreak, and Hope

Most parents and young people who hear our story may be interested, may be intrigued, and even sympathize with what we have gone through. Some may deeply empathize because they have shared similar pain and tragedy.


But what we really notice as we tell our story to parents and youth is a cautious, perhaps courteous, but sometimes blunt refusal to accept the responsibility of this truth: kids—yes, even your kids—may indeed be into drugs—you simply may not know it. Unless and until parents become actively engaged in their kids’ lives, the problems of addiction may never be confronted because, like the ostrich, the parents willingly place their heads in the sand and fail to observe and listen to people like us. Failing especially to observe the actions and listen to the words of their children.


“My kids would never do drugs.” Really? A comment like that may become the key to a lifetime of struggle and tragedy and ultimately, death.


Fortunately and through God’s grace, there is hope. And we know that hope when it is anchored in the reality of fact and faith does not disappoint. Hope in the midst of tragedy is what has motivated me to write this book to help educate parents and kids, so that tragedy in others’ lives may indeed be prevented.


The first step toward preparation is knowledge. My husband and I will share our knowledge with you—and we hope you stay with the book and gain the knowledge that will lead to your active involvement in your kids’ lives. We hope because you face the truth and become involved that you are spared the kind of personal tragedy that we experienced.


The truth will set you free only if you know it and vow to become wholly engaged in the lives of your kids. Observe them and listen to their words. It could change your life and the lives of your kids forever.








Amazon 2016: Hot New Releases in Christian Families and Drug Dependency Recovery

About the Author

Karin is a native of California and mother of three sons as well as a small business owner. Additionally, Karin is the founder and President of The Seth Foundation; a teenage heroin advocacy groups dedicated to helping teens trapped by the grips of opiates seek help and recovery through physical, social, mental and spiritual support. Karin also is a prolific public speaker addressing countless groups about the trials of addiction speaking from the parenting perspective as compared the clinical side of the debate. In her role of community activist, her desire is to support parents to help them avoid falling victim to her fate.

Karin Murphy

Sam and Alex Creature Invasion Girls Strong Up! & Sam and Alex Enella's Mission Girls Strong Up!

About Sam and Alex Enella's Mission Girls Strong up!

In Pamela Raymer's first Sam and Alex book, two young sisters, Samantha (Sam), and Alexandra (Alex) get caught up in a war waged on another planet.


Sam is picked to help Enella, a perture (a person and creature) fight evil on Enella's planet. Using skills learned from her dad, a combat veteran who was killed in action and with the help of Alex and their pal Will, she takes on the evil force there. They are all shocked to learn what this evil force really is.


Sam is smart with unrecognized leadership abilities. Alex is a bubbly girl with a distinctive sense of style but one of her best attributes is her PG skill̶her Phoniness Gauge, an ability to assess people based on a phoniness scale. They are a formidable team.


This story is one of confident, smart, and strong girls told with intrigue and depth. It is a study of character, loss, victory and the importance of family.

About Sam and Alex Creature Invasion Girls Strong Up!

Samantha (Sam), and Alexandra (Alex) are two sisters whose dad was killed in action while serving in the military. These girls use the leadership skills he taught them to fight evil on earth and on other planets.


With the help of Enella, a perture (a person and a creature) and her deputy, Rexor from the planet Afwon, they work to eliminate evil that shows up while Sam and Alex are on a family trip in Wyoming. They have already rid Afwon of its evil force, and now Enella returns and brings Rexor to help them save the earth.


Sam and Alex along with their friends, Will and Brody, transport between earth and the planet Nexmore to uncover this evil and destroy it. This story is one of confident and smart girls who "Strong Up" to protect all that is important to them--their family, friends and freedom.


This book will fascinate young people with an outrageously wild mix of animal characters in the form of pertures, and inspire girls and boys to do good. Educators and parents can use its themes of family, character, loss and leadership to encourage young people to set and achieve seemingly unattainable goals.


About the Author

Pamela Raymer has spent most of her career working for the military--Army and Navy--in education and training assignments in Texas, Virginia, Oklahoma, Arizona, and Kentucky as well as in Japan and Korea.


She has over 20 years of college and university teaching experience with degrees from the University of Kentucky, Baylor University, and Indiana University, and holds a doctorate in Supervision from the University of Louisville.


In preparation for writing this novel and others to come, Pamela explored a number of book topics but ultimately selected children’s stories that promote the importance of confidence and other character-building leadership attributes. Writing these books is fun and allows her to express her creativity.


She has other interests, too. At one time she was an avid motorcyclist on her Harley Davidson.  On her farm in Kentucky she now enjoys her three Tennessee Walking horses along with all of the wildlife that roam the property.

Pam Raymer

by Pam Raymer


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by Bill Trask


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Grief Is Not The End

About this Book:

Grief Is Not The End chronicles the journey of a family that traumatically lost a daughter and sister.  The descriptions of loss, grief, and restoration are punctuated with the wisdom of those who have grieved.  What does a mother, father, brother, and sister experience in the wake of such loss?  What was helpful to them? What stood in the way of processing their grief?  How did they finally find hope?  These and many other questions find answers in Grief Is Not The End.  Join us for the journey.  Whether you yourself have felt the sting of grief or you know someone who has, or is currently grieving, what you learn here can straighten your path to good grieving or teach you how to compassionately deal with others who grieve.  Grief really isn't the end.  There is hope.

About the Author

Bill Trask has practiced law, focusing on financial services, since 1994.  In addition, he has donated thousands of hours of pro bono legal work, supporting religious liberty and free speech to a number of not–for-profit organizations, including the Alliance Defending Freedom, the National Center for Law and Policy, the Pacific Justice Institute, Life Legal Defense Fund, and Liberty Council.  Prior to practicing law, Bill served on the pastoral staff of a local Baptist church and for the Youth for Christ program.  Later, Bill ran a subsidiary of a Fortune Five Hundred company for over ten years and during his last four years of tenure, attended law school in the evening.  Bill was a founding board member of College Area Pregnancy Services and has served as Chairman of the Board of Directors of the National Center for Law and Policy since 2008.  Bill lives with his wife in Oak Point, Texas and is involved in his local church.  Most of all, Bill has journeyed through the loss of his twenty-two year old daughter, Leah, and has discovered and continues to explore how to grieve well.  He has a passion for grieving people and sharing what he has learned, and continues to learn, through living the processes of grief and hope.


Vicky Trask is the mother of Leah, Simon, and Hannah and Bill’s wife for the past 38 years.  Simon and Hannah are Bill and Vicky’s surviving son and daughter who have eased their parents’ concern over raising children by making them as proud as any parent could be.

Bill Trask

by Skip Vaccarello


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Finding God In Silicon Valley—Spiritual Journeys In A High-Tech World

“Skip” Vincent Vaccarello

About this Book:

God is working in the lives of people in Silicon Valley!


God is doing the seemingly impossible in Silicon Valley--changing the hearts and attitudes of the rich and successful and those desperately pursuing riches, power, and prestige. Having a tradition of disrupting the status quo with technology, Silicon Valley may be poised to challenge its perception as a wasteland of faith as well. Finding God in Silicon Valley tells how God is working in the lives of people in Silicon Valley--venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, leaders of major companies, innovators in non-profit start-ups, scientists, and technologists. You will be inspired and challenged as you read their journeys of faith.


The book provides lessons for anyone who has struggled with faith. Read how leaders got beyond the trappings of financial and business success to find God, overcoming personal struggle and even tragedy to come to know Christ, how they reconciled reason and faith and science and faith, and how they discovered meaning, purpose, and a calling for their lives.


About the Author

From the Author, Skip Vaccarello

I have over 30 years of experience in leadership positions for Silicon Valley technology companies.   In 1979 I came to Silicon Valley, as the VP of Operations with VisiCorp, the provider of the industry’s first spreadsheet, VisiCalc, and a pioneer during the personal computer revolution.   Most recently, I served as President and CEO of Applied Weather Technology, a global company providing software and services to the maritime industry.   My other experience includes CEO of Communications Solutions, Inc., division general manager for 3Com, and co-founder and CEO of The Saratoga Group.  In addition to writing, I currently work as a principal consultant with the executive mentoring firm, Korora Partners.  I earned a BA in economics with honors from Harvard and an MBA with honors from the Boston University School of Management.

Notes on a Flight Home & Plantings—In Poetry, Essay, and Song

Deanna Christiansen

About Notes on a Flight Home

Poetic expression has a way of recasting language that we might see the familiar anew, might recognize by refining intuition what is true, and what is life.


The flight home-home to our authentic self, home to the One who has called us to full life-can be lived and noted in different ways. In Notes on a Flight Home, poetry marks seeing, living, longing, loving and being loved.

About Plantings—In Poetry, Essay, and Song

Being in New Hampshire provides me with a profound sense of home and place, and, paradoxically, a growing sense of the hidden, a wealth of reflection on both joys and striving, not just for survival—although there is plenty of that—but for thriving.


Here I can feel the natural rhythmic continuo of living each season both intuitively and consciously, for all that season uniquely provides.


At the end of a season, there are some satisfactions; at the same time a relinquishing, sometimes sad, of that season must take place as the next manifests itself. We will miss some of that season’s gifts, even while we anticipate the beauties of the one coming in. And within all the richness of experience, still there is mystery.


I think of my own potential fruition. Do you think about yours? Some of my potential is actuated in written words. I think on the life-cycle of my dreams’ denials and joyous fulfillments, what I hope for now, what I fear, answers received and mysteries presented. They continue in city or country.


Consider: what steps, with God’s grace, can you continue with, starting now? And who might you companion and nurture in their walk with God?


The God-imprinted heart conceives of hope even in uprootings, in seeming failures-to-thrive, even in the face of death, and can come to perceive life events as God-directed shifts in their path


The God-heart can envision, therefore, as it were, trees not planted yet, and so plants and waters anyway.


Even without seeing or grasping yet all that is, for a season, hidden, there is love, and there is joy. May you see these things in this book. May you acknowledge those who have watered you. May you plant and water also.


About the Author

Deanna Harrington Christiansen writes poetry and essays, and has contributed writing to dramas, narrations, and prayer and worship on both coasts. Recurring central themes for her are Christian spiritual formation, and thereby living fully; contemplative prayer; and learning to discern God’s presence and movement in herself, in others, in creation, in life.  After writing prose since childhood, she experienced the sudden appearance of poetry in 1986, mysteriously following the impact of the shuttle “Challenger” loss. She also does freelance proofreading and editing.  Since 2013, she is a cancer survivor.


Deanna holds a Master of Arts in Biblical Studies, emphasis in Church History, from Bethel Seminary San Diego, and Certificates in Spiritual Formation and Direction Studies from CFDM, Christian Formation and Direction Ministries, San Diego.


In 2007, Deanna and high school sweetheart of 48 years previously, John Christiansen, reacquainted in New Hampshire, each having lived all over the country and then having been alone for  several years—and, delighted at finding the important things in  common, fell deeply in love, and married. Each had the desire to leave city life permanently and live in the country in New Hampshire, and soon they settled in a charming post-and beam house on a modest lot with beautiful woods.  With the freedom of retirement, they continue reading widely, cooking together, laughing a lot, discussing world events and history, and practicing some country and craft ways—John, the art of heating with a woodstove, with its accompanying harvesting, splitting, stacking, and carrying of firewood, small vegetable gardening, designing and erecting a massive truckport worthy of Winters, drawing up plans for a walking path to the river, and taking up the banjo; Deanna, writing, learning to sew simple pieces, making herbal oils and vinegar, and beginning classes with a local potter. They love visiting historic sites and museums, and traveling to see more of New England, and family and friends over much of the nation, from time to time. They are blessed to have found liturgical worship, prayer, and community service nearby.

by Deanna Christiansen


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by Darryl S. Weiman, M.D., J.D.

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by Darryl S. Weiman, M.D., J.D.


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Medical Malpractice—A Physician's Guide to Navigating the Mine Field of Medical Malpractice Law

& Fundamental Issues in Health Care Law Facts for the Health Care Professional

About Medical Malpractice—A Physician's Guide to Navigating the Mine Field of Medical Malpractice Law

Medical Malpractice—A Physician's Guide to Navigating the Mine Field of Medical Malpractice Law is a book intended to help the health care provider better cope with the legal processes of a malpractice action.  Most books written about malpractice law have been written by practicing attorneys.  This book is written by a physician who is also a lawyer.


Dr. Weiman maintains a full time practice as an academic Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgeon.  He was also able to successfully navigate through law school and pass the Bar Exam for Tennessee.  He brings a different and integrated perspective since he has direct experience of being  sued for malpractice. He has been

deposed and has testified in court both as a defendant and a medical expert witness.  He is one of only a handful of practicing cardiothoracic surgeons who is also licensed to practice law.  Dr. Weiman still makes his living taking care of patients with diseases of the chest, but now some of his research and teaching is in the field of health care law.


As state legislatures and the United States Congress actively debate various aspects of malpractice reform, health care providers who have more knowledge of the system should be better able to participate in these legal debates.  This book discusses various models for malpractice reform so that physicians and others can have an idea what may be coming in the future.


This book is long past due.



About Fundamental Issues in Health Care Law—Facts for the Health Care Professional

With knowledge comes power. This lecture series was designed to help the health care professional better cope with the legal processes they will confront when the law and medicine meet. We are governed by law. Ignorance of the law is not a defense. While the final arbiter of an interpretation of law is the Supreme Court of the United States, it is said that the Supreme Court is not last because it is right, it is right because it is last. Know the law. Know how it affects the health care professional. That knowledge may help you greatly when the law and medicine meet in your practice.


The topics are:

Introduction to Law

Health Courts

Stark Reality

Doctrine of Informed Consent


Resident Personnel Files: Are They Discoverable?

Themes for Malpractice Defense

Health Care Talking Points

Regulation of Provider Conduct

Morbidity and Mortality Conference

The Medical Expert Witness

The Federal Tort Claims Act and the National Practitioner Data Bank

The Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act (EMTALA)


Dr. Weiman has presented as a visiting professor on numerous occasions.  You are invited to contact him through his website, to arrange your lecture presentations, and for more information.


About the Author

Darryl S. Weiman, M.D., J.D. is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons and a member of the American Association of Thoracic Surgeons. He is a graduate of Northwestern University where he majored in Biomedical Engineering. Dr. Weiman did his medical school training at Saint Louis University.


After medical school, he did his General Surgery residency at the University of Chicago and his Cardiothoracic residency at Long Island Jewish Hospital.


While maintaining an active practice in cardiothoracic surgery at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center, Dr. Weiman obtained a legal education at the Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law at the University of Memphis. He passed the Bar Exam for the State of Tennessee.


Dr. Weiman continues to be a Professor of Surgery at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center and is the Chief of Surgery at the VA Medical Center in Memphis. Although he does not practice law, he does research on health care issues and speaks and publishes on some of these topics. He is also a Regular Contributor to the Huffington Post.


Dr. Weiman is married to Kathleen Weiman and has two daughters, Johanna and Millicent who are both getting ready for college.

Darryl S. Weiman,

M.D., J.D.

by Kenneth A. Lipshy, M.D.,




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Crisis Management Leadership in the Operating Room

About this Book:

Medical adverse events, patient safety concerns, disasters, and catastrophes are frequently attributed to human cognitive error or problematic system safety cultures.  While Crew Resource Management (CRM) and Medical Team Training (MTT) are steadily becoming the mainstay, the medical field lags significantly behind the aviation industry in terms of preparedness for a crisis.  Literature has proven that patient safety measures, including this training, improve overall patient care, yet Operating Room (O.R.) teams do not routinely engage in simulation training.  Crises in the O.R. are typically associated with cognitive error or system problems, but often are the results of unforeseen internal or external problems.  Crisis management leadership in the operating room must progress beyond the typical CRM and MTT exercises and accept that use of checklists work when the threat to the patient and team are fully recognized. Maladaptive behavior control and effective team leadership only occur when the principles utilized in this book are mastered.  After reading this book surgical leaders should be capable of: Recognizing how human error contributes to and perpetuates adverse events, Understanding how system deficiencies can allow a simple error to progress to a catastrophe or how the system can be prepared to mitigate a mistake, Understanding cognitive functions during normal and abnormal circumstances, and Effectively lead their team through the risk management and definitive action process. While the surgeons and other O.R. team members typically self-profess an exemplary response to any threatening event, second hand observer assessment usually reveals significant bias in the ability of team members to handle a crisis appropriately.  Dr. Kenneth Lipshy uses personal firsthand experience as well as instructions from military and first responders as to how any organization should respond to a crisis, to guide leaders toward a successful program in O.R. crisis management.

About the Author

Kenneth A. Lipshy MD, FACS (Fellow American College of Surgeons) has been an active surgical leader in the Veterans Administration Health Care System.  Prior to federal service he was in private practice for eight years. His private practice career was preceded by a three-year surgery oncology fellowship at Virginia Commonwealth University. His surgical education began during an internship at Ben Taub Hospital – Baylor College of Medicine Houston, TX and was followed by completion of his surgery residency at Marshall University Huntington WV.


His interest in surgical error and its relationship to crises was sparked during his training while serving in over two dozen medical centers during his career.  However, his true interest flourished while serving as assistant scoutmaster in a local troop where he recognized a correlation between wilderness misadventures and O.R. disasters.  This, combined with close associations with local members of all branches of the armed services as well as first responders, opened the door to a wealth of information on these topics as they relate to fields that are constantly at risk of facing crises

Kenneth A. Lipshy,


Cornerstones and Core Needs of Growing Kids —Life Is Full of Choices Series,

Parenting from the Top of the Mountain — Life Is Full of Choices Series,

& Seven Steps to the Top of the Mountain — Life Is Full of Choices Series

by John & Sheryl Emra


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About Cornerstones and Core Needs of Growing Kids —Life Is Full of Choices Series

This is the story of John and Sheryl Emra and their work at the Los Angeles Community Center.  They started the center with a basketball and a bag of candy in 1986.  They found themselves working in a gang infested neighborhood that society had abandoned.


Their stories relate how John and Sheryl learned about gangs, dealt with poverty, abuse, and neglect.   They confronted a dropout rate of 50% in Junior High school and another 50% in High School.


Everyone makes choices everyday and everyone has core needs. John Emra shows us how meeting the core needs of kids helps them build their lives upon cornerstones of empowerment, responsibility, and freedom, and how love can turn former outcasts into Honor Roll students.

About Parenting from the Top of the Mountain — Life Is Full of Choices Series


John Emra takes the principles of Cornerstones and Core needs and applies them to the job of parenting.  Experiences with his kids plus real-life stories and testimonials from parents illustrate the lessons learned from working with thousands of children at the Los Angeles Community Center.  Relate to the stories and sometimes even enjoy the fact that you can see yourself as one of the main characters.


Parents can choose to rise above the emotional entanglements that disrupt their journey on the parenting path.  It is only from the proverbial mountaintop that they can see where they are going.


This book shows parents how to use emotions wisely as they interact with their kids, and illustrates how poor choices can leave families struggling in the muck and the mire of the valley.  Parents can choose to be released from the underbrush that makes life is the valley difficult and stay on the path they have chosen in order to raise great kids.

About Seven Steps to the Top of the Mountain — Life Is Full of Choices Series

Parenting is done step by step.  This book walks the reader through seven steps that show parents where their actions are taking their children.


Each step points up a skill their child wants from them and teaches parents how to stay on the path of parenting that is best for the entire family.  Building skills to overcome daily hassles while avoiding dangerous slippery emotional confrontations can take parents and their kids to the Top of the Mountain.


This journey is not for the casual parent.   Find out how to meet the Core Needs of your kids and spend quality time doing it.  Rewards come as children begin to build solid lives upon the Three Cornerstones of Life Is Full of Choices.


The skills are easy to learn but consuming to master.  The adventure is long, the mountain is steep, and sometimes the path is rugged, but the view from the top is magnificent.  The journey is worth the effort for all who choose to complete it.


About the Author

John and Sheryl have always wanted to make an impact on the lives of inner city kids.


They started working with “at-risk kids” while they were dating. For one year, they “adopted” a teen in Seattle’s juvenile detention facility. “We loved our time in Honduras.  We thought we would spend the rest of our life working with this wonderful, gracious and friendly people.”  They spent three years in Central America learning the language and culture before God moved in their hearts and they transferred to East Los Angeles.


The mission had been given an old church building in the inner city.  Their task was to develop a ministry, apart from Church, that would reach people in the Community of Boyle Heights.


Working with inner city kids for 30 plus years has given them a unique understanding of what these kids are facing at home, in school and on the streets.


For many years John and Sheryl have chosen to use their experience and knowledge to minister to inner city kids and their families.   Now, they are choosing to share the wisdom they have accumulated over the years with adults, who, like them, have a heart for working with kids.


John and Sheryl are currently empowering twenty-one inner city churches in the Los Angeles area as well as Churches in Northern California; Las Vegas, Nevada; Albuquerque, New Mexico; and Bismarck, North Dakota. In 2011 they traveled to Guyana, South America to teach these principles to Missionary Staff and Church leadership and this year (2013) we will be traveling to China.  They are working with these Churches to design and develop specific after school programs to reach the “at risk kids” in their communities.


Life Is Full Of Choices had evolved into a tool for all ages to use in order to utilize power, responsibility and freedom

John & Sheryl Emra

Discover God's Will: Five Factors That Will Change Your Life Forever

by Thom O'Leary


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About this Book:

Everyone, deep down inside, wants to know God’s will for his or her life.  Men and women struggle, wrestle and get frustrated, because they are unsure of where to turn or how to find out their purpose.  I have personally met with thousands of people, and have found that there exists a deep longing within them to know God’s will for their life.


Discover God's Will: Five Factors That Will Change Your Life Forever is a practical guide that helps an individual take steps to discover God’s will for their life.  It is a dance.  It is a book that delves deep into the heart of God and His will for our lives.  It is a path to run on that offers wisdom on how to discover God’s plan for the future.  It provides timeless truth and yet mystery… it gives ageless principles and also steps to take.

About the Author

Thom O’Leary is the Lead Pastor of Mountainbrook Community Church, in San Luis Obispo, CA, on the Central Coast.  Having accepted the leadership position at the age of 28, he will celebrate his 18th anniversary as the Lead Pastor this year.  Over that time, Pastor Thom has seen his church experience steady growth from 200 people to over 1,500 members.  Four years ago Thom lead the church into its first owned building that sits on a spectacular 63 acres overlooking the city.


Thom has a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Cal Poly State University, San Luis Obispo, CA, and a master’s degree in theology from Fuller Seminary, Pasadena, CA.


Thom played football at Cal Poly in the eighties, and has served as the Cal Poly Football Team Chaplain for the last five years.  He also serves on the San Luis Obispo Police Chief Round Table, advising on community issues.


He ministers to thousands weekly through his sermons, articles, weekly devotionals, and radio broadcasts on both Christian and secular stations.


He and his wife Sherri celebrated 25 years of marriage last year, and have four wonderful children: Brooke (married to Greg), Kate, Whitney, and Luke.


Thom O'Leary

with wife Sherri

by Mitchell

Morrison, Ph.D.


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Teamworks—Transforming Health Care's Error-Prone Culture

About this Book:

Take flight on a journey of discovery where vast and untapped frontiers of knowledge and understanding await. How would a richer understanding of being influence what you know to transform what you do? Dr. Mitch Morrison gives cutting-edge insights of health care teamwork ontology with riveting real-life stories from expert providers. Teamworks will help individuals and organizations find their moment of discovery, or Befindlichkeit in today's error-prone culture with three intersecting imperatives: Inspiring Distinction, Serving People, Building Community. Essential reading for discerning leaders.

About the Author

Dr. Mitchell Morrison is a senior Coast Guard officer, an expert safety leader, and distinguished practitioner-scholar in aviation teamwork ontology, having logged over 6,800 pilot hours in various airplanes and helicopters during a career spanning over 30 years. His resume includes a Ph.D. In Business Administration, Master of Aeronautical Science, Bachelor of Professional Aeronautics, Airline Transport Pilot rating, and Certificate in Aviation Safety. A lifelong learner, Dr. Morrison utilized interpretive phenomenology in his doctoral dissertation research to explore learning and application of aviation teamwork in health care settings for error mitigation. Mitch is an avid baseball fan from Little League to the major leagues. He lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and four children.



Morrison, Ph.D.

by Robert Glenn


Price: $21.95

+ applicable tax, shipping& handling

Rearing Up America—The Journal of a Father's Reflection on Special Needs

About this Book:

Bearing and raising children comes with a price for parents--their personal autonomy. Healthy children thrive with love and patience, but what happens when a child isn't born with good health? Robert Glenn and his wife, Lee share their story of raising a child with a rare genetic brain malformation. Rearing Up America relates a journey which has changed their lives. Addressing special needs represents a new reality for parents and care givers. Welcome to the opportunity and challenge of rearing a special-needs child! Welcome to an abundance of love and patience.

About the Author

Life can be difficult and Robert and his family passed many such markers along the road. Faith in God has kept him on the right path. Many choices needed to be made as the family traveled without a map. Life never comes with a map. Robert Glenn knew where he wanted to end up, but not where the road would lead along the way. He shares the story of his family with the hope it may have an influence on the choices his readers make in travels. Robert Glenn earned a B.A. in Fine Arts at San Diego State University focusing in education.


Robert Glenn

Glen Aubrey

by Glen Aubrey


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Things I Failed to Learn in Seminary—A Guide to Beginning Youth Ministry

About this Book:

Working with youth is a fulfilling, life changing experience. However, there is nothing more frustrating than getting the chance to work with youth and finding out that it is overwhelming and confusing. Things I Failed to Learn in Seminary—A Guide to Beginning Youth Ministry molds seminar knowledge and years of experience into core truth and practical application. It is a step by step guide to forming a more faithful and effective ministry so that more youth can be reached and more lives can be changed for the glory of God.

About the Author

I spent the first sixteen years of my life trying to fill the void in my heart.


During those years I sought all I could to feel alive and free. I never succeeded. I was invited to a church when I was in high school by a good friend of mine and after a few months of listening to the pastor speak I realized that he offered what I needed: mercy. I never knew until that moment how desperately I needed God. How it had progressed from desire and want to a true need for Jesus. I prayed that night, maybe for the first real time ever and I felt the presence of a living, vibrant God. I grew up in a house where my parents were divorced and we struggled to make ends meet. I was not the popular kid, or the good looking kid but God didn’t care about any of that. He loved me anyway, more than that He offered me His mercy and forgiveness. I knew that night in October of 1996 that my life would be forever different. I was immediately struck with a desire to help others find the truth I had struggled so much to discover. I was frantic with need.


I began by volunteering in my home church in Bible studies, devotionals, discipleships, anything I could do to share the love of God. I went away to college and began to serve in the inner-city at missions to try and show a present God to youth. I have since worked in urban, rural, and suburban churches and my passion for youth has never diminished. I attained a degree in Communications for the University of Kentucky and studied under Jim Hampton while attaining my Masters in Youth ministry. Those degrees and years of experienced have honed my desire for helping youth and shaped my life from that fateful day in October. It is time for me to teach, to share with others who are shaping youth and it is from that desire that Practical Youth Ministries was born.

by Adam Willis


Price: $19.95

+ applicable tax, shipping& handling

Adam Willis

Leadership Is— Revised Version, Industrial Strength Solutions, Core Teams Work,

and L.E.A.D. & Leadership Works - Advanced Study Guide for L.E.A.D.

About Leadership Is— Revised Version

Leadership Is— now the revised version reveals the quality of your leadership, what kind of leader you can be, and provides winning strategies and practical techniques for leaders at any stage of life and career. If you are a leader, you are creating your legacy. Leadership Is— will help you finish well.

Industrial Strength Solutions—Build Successful Work Teams!

When people are combined on work teams on the basis of agreements of essence and essential core values, their work environments become places where their talents and abilities reflect heart-felt longings for excellence in contribution that demonstrate proper alignments of people and production, proving this unalterable premise: people are more important than the products they produce.


Industrial Strength Solutions Build Successful Work Teams! is a book for any organization that wants to grow its people and improve its production. From creating a team to strengthening its function, the book provides step-by-step practical applications of leadership and team principles that work.


Do you want to help create and involve yourself in the workings of a team where people are treated as valuable and therefore produce value-added contributions, or do you want to be satisfied with work groups as usual where production is too often consumptive of the people who produce it? The answer to that question will give meaning to the assimilation of the context and content, the principles and practices described in Industrial Strength Solutions.


About Core Teams Work

"There are two roads to business and personal success. One pursues success as an end in itself, often poisoning relationships and corrupting morals; the other road is paved with sound and proven principles which succeed without poisoning relationships and without the guilt. Glen Aubrey shows us how to succeed in business and in life by taking the second and better road."

- Cal Thomas, Syndicated Columnist/Fox News Contributor


"Core Teams Work provides us with the principles and practices to promote effective communication amongst ourselves and with our customers."

- Jerald Coleman, IT Director for Health and Human Services Agency, County of San Diego


L.E.A.D. & Leadership Works - Advanced Study Guide for L.E.A.D.

L.E.A.D.—Learning, Education, Action, Destiny is a compilation of 52 leadership lessons designed to present leadership principles in practical application, one lesson for each week of the year.


L.E.A.D.—Learning, Education, Action, Destiny with Leadership Works - Advanced Study Guide comprises a collection of leadership truths to read, a teaching tool to sow productive seed, and a reference manual to revisit in thought and deed. Use the book to empower your teams as you reinforce concepts and practices within yourself.


Leadership Works - Advanced Study Guide for L.E.A.D. is a training course designed exclusively for LE.A.D. This companion study will help you to examine and empower your own legacy of impact, influence, and investment.


Leadership Works Advanced Study Guide for L.E.A.D. is a learning companion to L.E.A.D.- Learning, Education, Action, Destiny. This curriculum and the book comprise 52 leadership studies, principles in practical application, one lesson for each week of the year. Learn, educate, and act. Produce stronger relationships and superior functions on your core team. Live what you learn and teach. Your team's destiny will develop and living legacies will form.



About the Author

Glen Aubrey believes in creative communication. Indeed whether as a consultant to business, conference speaker, writer, musician, or commercial producer/arranger, his clear task is to communicate truth authentically, without reservation, with integrity.


Glen has a passion for people and is an advocate of people development, believing that people are an organization's greatest resource. Because healthy relationships matter most, he believes wholeheartedly in accountable and authentic investment in lives, promoting and actively engaging in service to others within the context of understanding that who people are is more important than what they do.


Glen speaks to the heart, and in his own creative ways, challenges his listeners to do all they should do, because of who they are and are becoming. Come prepared to listen intently, participate wholeheartedly, be stretched, think creatively, act passionately, and impact lives with renewed and perhaps new commitment.

by John Childress

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The Addict's Choices—From Depths of Isolation to Heights of True Deliverance

About this Book:

The Addict's Choices--From Depths of Isolation to Heights of True Deliverance relates the life-journey of John Wesley Childress, and his story may mirror your life's journey as well. It is a personal and transparent narrative of an addict's life from isolation, obsession, and drug abuse into a new life and true deliverance. John convincingly states, "I have found less evidence that addiction is a disease, and more evidence that it is simply sin, which is a choice. This truth may not be very popular but that does not change the fact that it is a truth, one which I have discovered and experienced in my life." For those who have experienced drug addiction or for those who have people they care about who are addicted to drugs, this book offers real hope, true deliverance, and lasting positive results.

About the Author

John & Sally Childress

by Glen Aubrey


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Go From the Night — Journey of Thought, Meditations on Life

and Freedom Light — Expressions of Hope and Evidence

About Go From the Night


Go From the Night -  Journeys of Thought, Meditations on Life

"Sun's rays enliven laughter, reliving Reason's causes / Braced, the windows of the mind respond to pervasive winds of truth coming unheeded, uninvited, and impetuously, but welcomed by an earnest seeker. / Sons and daughters in their Father's image, facing heavenward, waiting, anticipating, longing for glimpses of the beyond, chance to join a chorus of harmonies blended where bountiful, cozy, and delighted comforts are the marks and makers of homes."

     Includes 45 min. CD Music and excerpts.


About Freedom Light


Freedom Light - Expressions of Hope and Evidence is a book of success and wellbeing. A sequel to Go From the Night — Journey of Thought, Meditations on Life, this collection recognizes profound manifestations of human struggle, quests for truth, longings of the heart, and enduring answers born of confident assurance.



About the Author

Glen Aubrey believes in creative communication. Indeed whether as a consultant to business, conference speaker, writer, musician, or commercial producer/arranger, his clear task is to communicate truth authentically, without reservation, with integrity.


Glen has a passion for people and is an advocate of people development, believing that people are an organization's greatest resource. Because healthy relationships matter most, he believes wholeheartedly in accountable and authentic investment in lives, promoting and actively engaging in service to others within the context of understanding that who people are is more important than what they do.


Glen speaks to the heart, and in his own creative ways, challenges his listeners to do all they should do, because of who they are and are becoming. Come prepared to listen intently, participate wholeheartedly, be stretched, think creatively, act passionately, and impact lives with renewed and perhaps new commitment.

Glen Aubrey

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